November 15, 2010

Documents of a Massive Plan to Bring Revolution in Pakistan Revealed.

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‘KikiLeaks’.com has released a 2-page document, revealing a massive plan, to bring revolution in Pakistan, going underway by the Facebook generation of Pakistan.

The first page of the document has the plan, agenda and some other important details whereas the 2nd page is full of names of the planners with the URLs of their Blogs, facebook and twitter accounts.

It hasn’t been a couple of hours since the ‘Leaks’ and the news has already spread all over the ‘facebook’ and the rebellious youth of this problems-struck country is filling their status messages with pro-revolution philosophical thoughts and quotes copied from different websites.

This massive and positive response from the people of the facebook community must have increased the ‘revolution’ planners hopes of seeing their this gonna-be-historic ‘endeavor’. There is a growing perception all over the facebook that when this ”great day”, as it’s supporters are calling it, comes, all of the problems and corruption created and found in the rest of the people will be eliminated once and for all.

The main points of the leaked document that seem important are shared here in ‘Bullet’ form:

  • A dedicated fb (facebook) page and a facebook group will be created. As many people as possible will be added to these.
  • All the contacts will be asked to share their persuasive thoughts about the revolution to their other social networking sites.
  • A pre-revolution meet up will be held in PC hotel, Lahore. (no date or day is mentioned in the document). Hameed Gull and Zaid Hamid will deliver special lectures on the day. Cassettes and CD’s and DVD’s of their previous lectures will also be provided on a very discounted price.
  • On that meet up (unannounced) day, the date of the ”great day” (as used in the document, refers to the day of the revolution) will be announced.
  • On the day of the revolution every member of the revolutionary clan will replace his or her Display Picture with a red square for the whole day till the ‘planners’ announce the success of the revolution.
  • When the revolution is finally achieved, a great post-revolution party will be thrown, again in PC hotel.
  • The revolutionary people can throw parties and arrange meet ups on their own in different farm houses found abundantly in the suburbs of the Lahore and Karachi city.
  • The last line of the document reads as, ” Guys and Gals don’t miss the day, it’s gonna be fun, food and masti and yeah, of course, our beloved revolution too”.

I am, definitely, going to join that fb page so that I can get a notification email when my country is revolutionized and over-hauled. Let’s hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed! Long live Revolution!


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