January 7, 2011

I don’t need any “Mufti”. I will interpret my own Islam

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Recently, a doctor has wrongly diagnosed the disease with my grandfather and now I challenge the capabilities and knowledge of all the doctors. I don’t trust them and their 7 years of education. I know nothing about medical sciences but no worries; I will research on a disease on my own on internet and in medical books and find a cure for myself. My uncle is misguided by the lawyer and he lost the case. I don’t trust any lawyer now. I know nothing about the Pakistan Penal Code but I will pursue my own case. There are thousands of books written on law and material is available on internet. I will prepare my own case.

You must be thinking that I am not in my senses. If a doctor has misguided me, there are thousands of genius physicians and surgeons who have command on their subject. They have given their lives to research and I am challenging the knowledge of all the doctors. I must be insane. There are thousands of lawyers who are expert in Pakistani law as well as International law and I am challenging their expertise.

I am even more insane than you think.

I don’t know “Imaan-e-Mufasil”, I have never read “Imaan-e- Mujammil”, I don’t remember six “Qalmas”, I have never tried to learn the prayer of “Janaza” and during the “Namaz-e-Janaza” of my beloved ones and I only follow the actions of other people. For last six months I haven’t even offered “Jumma” prayer. I have read “Quran” in my childhood but never tried to read its translation. I only knows those “Hadees” which are forwarded to me through sms and I have no idea what is “Sahe-e-sitta” and how a “Hadees” could be considered as authentic or “Zaeef”.

But even then I will interpret my own Islam because few of the “Muftis” and “Mullahs” has conveyed wrong meaning of Islam. Because of those few ignorant and Munafiqeen I will use Mullah as an abusive word and I will treat every” Mufti” and Islamic scholar equally. I don’t trust any “Mufti” even if he has studied fiqah (principles of jurisprudence), books of “Fatawa” (legal verdicts), understood seven books of “Hadees” and studied Islam for 6-8 years.


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